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Since the VCA brass is not allowing open discussion of this on that forum, I wanted to open this up for discussion over here...

Here is the link to the proposed changes...

I don't like the direction the current Board of Directors (BoD) is taking the club.

Updated and added some additional definitions; clarified National Business Office, staffing, chain of command specified, Executive Director to be a compensated position; Operations Manual to be developed and to replace Standard Operating Procedures (SOP); VPA identified
--- End quote ---
It’s come to my attention that this position would be taken by Mary Marshall, the wife of current VCA VP Chris Marshall.  I have no doubt that Mary is competent, but this is the precise definition of a conflict of interest.  If the Marshalls want to start a business from their home with one as President and the other as VP, that’s fine…but this is VCA membership money, not the BoDs.  Even if I'm wrong and Mary is not slotted for this position...I don't see where the money is coming from.  All of these positions are voluntary and should remain that way until the VCA is in a much better financial situation.

This does not and will not ever pass the eye test.

National Board remains the same; Advisory Board updated and responsibilities clarified; professional services retention process clarified; Annual Board of Directors meeting required; meeting attendee costs and expense approval process established; meeting notice process identified
--- End quote ---

As I understand it, all of these positions are voluntary…and until Chris Marshall became President, all costs associated with the positions were paid by those incurring the costs.  Now they are spending the member’s money for their travel expenses.  I also noticed that the VCA Statement of Financial Position provided in the latest VCA Notes shows that there is very little actual money in the VCA coffers.  I don’t like that the BoD wants to have their expenses covered.  I would gladly pay my own way.  The members of the BoD can resign if these expenses become a hardship.  I'm sure there are plenty of other members willing to donate their time.

This does not pass the eye test.

Positions/Titles unchanged; National Treasurer duties revised and updated; member access to review organization checkbooks at annual meetings retained; CPA required to prepare annual Club financial report; two (2) signatories still required for all disbursement checks; National Officer election section expanded to now allow nomination eligibility for National Officer positions for specially experienced and qualified former National Board members and Region Presidents who have each served as either a member of the Board of Directors or as a Region President for at least six (6) years (that is, 3 two year terms) within the previous ten (10) years; term limits unchanged except that revisions now allow the Board of Directors, by at least a two thirds vote, to waive the consecutive term limit on National President.
--- End quote ---

This does not and will not ever pass the eye test.

I, for one, am going to vote a resounding...NO.

i think the travel expenses were always paid for the meetings ?

does mary own a viper ? maybe she does and then she would be a member and able to run for the board or position.

Since they did whatever they've wanted all along (like making up the reasons for kicking me out) why do they even bother to wriite it down?

If 2 officers vote to kick you out (complain) you're gone.  2 complaints against a vendor and he's gone.  I personally know ot 2 complaints on VPoA.  Trevor never received his $5800 hood that he bought from VPoA/vca at VOI11 beginning of October LAST YEAR, and another got shipped the wrong gear ration for his car and now has the wrong gears in his car.  Anyone think that VPoA will get the booT???   :lol: :lol: :lol:  Yup, the new bylaws are a joke.

Vote???  You get to vote?  I was a member for years and never got an opportunity to vote on anything (such as who got to be president).  I heard that the vca has a lawyer on retainer (paid monthly) already.  I presume that Mary or the paid lawyer get to count the votes?  Anyone think they'd let me count the votes? 

I'm pretty sure that these bylaws will be passed, I just don't think that the voting make any difference.  I am prejudiced - because of my experience with this administration.

I was told that Mary already has a contract for 2 years running Fiona's old job.  $60,000 was mentioned. 

Anyone else heard that $10,000 is to be paid to the Hall of Fame couple for their work arranging VOI 11? 

I never received a membership car this year - but I heard that your membership cards are of CMs yellow car.

CM is making cxertain that he can run the viper corp for life.  I think he's copied JonB's business model and JonB will soon be booted out.

Viper Specialty:
Its fairly simple. The BoD is positioning itself as paid controllers of an entity [VCA/VPA] and is protecting its interests by thinning out the vendors, and making it very easy to eliminate members/vendors who they would like to oust. They are "fixing" the rules so that no one has any advantage over the VPA, no matter how much time they spend on the VCA site. They are forcing contact to be made over the VCA site, furthering potential contact with the VPA. The VPA doesnt play by the same advertising rules as the other vendors- special avatar only available to VPA?!?. The VPA doesn't have to pay for advertising!

I know personally that JonB is in their sights, big time. The reason being, that the VPA and JonB are head to head. The VPA is already doing exactly what it claimed it WOULDN'T, and that is compete in aftermarket parts. Yeah... that lasted long. However, the VPA and JonB are similar in the fact that they are both PARTS businesses based on Aftermarket and OEM parts only. 99% of the other vendors are service, manufacturing, sales, and parts based, or some combination of those. In short, the other vendors are not major competition for the VPA- they have other sources of income that the VPA has no way of intruding on since it is the wrong type of business model. The VPA has no prayer of putting them out of business even if it gave things away for free, and it knows it. Partsrack on the other hand, could be hurt big-time by the VPA in more ways than one. JonB and I are no better friends than enemies- we do some business and tolerate each other. However, we also don't try and slit each others throats, which is the case for most vendor to vendor relations.

Let me make this clear however: The above message is my opinion of the matter, based on my experiences and conversations. In no way did the VCA come out and actually "say" those things. However, I am not new, nor am I anywhere near an idiot. I can tell when I am being baited and manipulated into having a certain position, but the underlying reason is someone ELSES welfare... in this case, it feels like the welfare of VPoA.

I have no ill will towards the club, and do still act in a directorial capacity for the VCA. I know plenty of good presidents and directors who do whatever it takes to keep the VCA alive. The VCA, as in US MEMBERS. Not the VCA as in BoD. There is a big difference. When they decided to move from club to business, it became an US and THEM, not just a simple US anymore. The BoD is propping themselves up as a whole new tier of Viper owners. They are now Viper owners being paid for voluntary positions out of members money, and trying to make VPoA viable, with members money... surely for their long term benefit, as they are positioning themselves to be in for the long haul. The members have nothing to do with this, and are in fact being taken advantage of in my opinion.

YAH DAN!!!   You've got BIG BALLS to tell the truth. 

You wouldn't by any chance have the email that was sent out to the Vendors last spring - denying that he was going to "Blackball" vendors?  I can't remember the content, but there was also an email sent to the presidents back then that had a different story - the one about the VENDOR that was attempting to destroy the club?  Mention was made about a Header manufacturer... :lol:

Chuck was mentioned in one and I called Chuck, it was not true.  I called several Vendors and the letters were untrue.

I sent an email to Voodoo.  Now I'm suspendend indefinitely because I was a threat to the welfare of the club, while being Member of the year.   :lol:


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