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Title: Silver State Classic Challenge...Where's Ted?
Post by: Asp Man on May 15, 2013, 08:06:06 PM
Hoping to get some news from Ely, NV.  :idk:
Ted; get some updates from the road up here!
Title: Re: Silver State Classic Challenge...Where's Ted?
Post by: RTTTTed on May 16, 2013, 01:16:41 AM
I left home and drove to Williams Lake.  Stopped at Hubb Insurance to pick up my new plate decal and day sticker.  Young lady opened a half hour early and saved me waiting.  After I signed the new papers I'd purchased over the phone she said that I had to give her a few seconds to shoot a pic of my Viper for her son who, although young, is a car fanatic.  I happily agree and even shot a picture of her with my car so the kid can go brag to his friends that HIS MOM insures Vipers ...   LOL.  I'll email it to her after I get home.  I'd run out of coffee during the 200mile drive from Anahim Lake so I visited my favourite Fatty - I mean Fast Food place, Mcdonalds, and with new coffee ate my B Burrittos and affixed my decals to my plate.  One of the local crows mistakenly though I'd invited him to breakfast and stole my hashbrown pattie!  I chased him across the McD parking lot, but he was too high and I couldn't catch him.  I yelled and pretended to throw a rock.  The crow lost half of my hashbrown pattie!  I couldn't believe that the crow had removed the pattie from the bag, then out of the sleeve that it came it and then hopped and flew away with it.  Weirdness.

I from 6:20am until 5:00pm when I arrived at John Vittone's place.  John is the man that will be replacing TNT as my navigator this year.  John is hpoing that he'll be running one of his Vipers next year.  Both the SSCC and the Salt Flats if he can.  John and I cruised through Snoquahmie at 6:30 with coffee in the cup holders! 

Now, We're in Sam's Town Hotel in Vegas.  Talked to Allpar write who has a Vette and runs 150m,ph class and prefers his SRT Charger he told us today. He said he wants us (supercharged Viper) in his story.

Met a few old (previously known) "old Farts" Vette team of which there were 3 teams last year.  Met a few new Old Farts.

My GTS still had a vibration 85 and up mph so I back unp one rear wheel and slid under my car.  John Vittone rocked the car back and forth so I watched and noticed that the slpine had a bunch of extra movement between it and the outer yoke.  Not knowing the spine thickness etc I figured I'd better replace it anyway.  As we were driving through California, at 4:30pm I called JonB in Wash and asked him for an axle.  He made some calls, called me back and gave me Devin's phone  number.  Thankfully Jon had called Devin (Unitrax is farther east) and asked him about my axle and he got Devin to wait on my call.  Of course MY POS phone had NO signal and John Vittone's lost signal right after I spoke to  the first time.  We had to turn around and drive backwards 8 miles to reacquire a signal to get a message from Jon and called him back, got Devin's phone number and called him.  The Titanium axles have been discontinued for several years, but Devin said that they could fix mine.  It is good to have supportive friends/vendors that will put out that much extra for you when you're needing some help.

Devin had 1 assembled 800hp axle sitting in his shop and was currently waiting parts to build a few more.  I asked him to sell me the axle so I could compete in the NORC safely and he came through as well.  He sold me the axles and headed to the shipping company to send it to Sam's Town for me TODAY.  John and I continued our 1600 miles drive and arrived at Sam's Town at 3:30am.  Asleep at 4am and we picked up the driveshaft after a late breakfast at noon. 

Broke my 8mm socket while tightening the axle's Ujoint bolts and used my 8mm wrench to tighten the last few.  We used a pair of vice grips to loosen the nuts on the Unitrax axle safety loops ... and retighten.  It seems that the Viper GTS scissor jack is a one time use unit and we did (unsafe now).  It is amazing how light that jack really is, wow.  Anyway, thanks to JonB and Devin for saving our ASSES down here!!!   :bow:

After John and I installed the new axleshaft we headed out to the closest car wash to wash the millions of squashed bugs off my car.  It rained for at least half of the trip from central BC to Vegas.  We handwashed the Viper and used a pressure wash to rinse the heck out of my car.  The waxing I'd given the car before leaving was still sparkling and looking great.   :D

John had never been to Vegas and seen the glaring lights so I headed off to the strip.  Lots of new construction and a whole different look from last year with TVs as bright as day and the Aria sign was 20' wide by 60' tall!  The other side of the street had 5 mega digitrons that were acting like flash cameras they were so bright.  The Luxor was lit up and with the white lights strobing up the corners of the building to the lighted pyramid on top of the Casino's Black pyramid shaped Black building ... it looked like a runway for an alien ship to land.  Pretty quiet on the strip, but they've arranged the traffic lights so that the view from the car was specatcular.  The crowds are much smaller this year.

John's GF called as did mine while we were driving down the roads.  My US cell phone to need to be connected every time I start my car, so while I was sitting at an intersection with the phone to my ear, there was 4 cops beside me speaking with some bikers about gun running and other Biker Gang stuff.  I cut off my wife and hung up.  A few minutes after that I directed John how to connect my phone and asked him to call her back so I could speak to her on my Buetooth.  John's phone refuses to connect to my stereo so he has to try and hear it through the actual phone unit (he only hears half the conversation).  We did a couple small to medium burnouts, just to let Vegas know that the PartsRack Viper was in Town.  My car was popping a little bit so I let out the clutch and smashed the throttle to make certain that the engine was running clean and I wasn't going to have tune or plug problems.  I actually hooked the tires in part of first and all through second.  TNT said that if I drive slowly my Corsa exhaust sounds great from as far away as 1 mile!!!  I know that under throttle my exhaust can easily be heard well past 2 miles.  It sure is a good thing that it sounds excellent!

I sure did enjoy that surge of pure clean power when I smashed my foot through the firewall.  I had at least a good 10 seconds of acceleration that pulled the wrinkles to the back of my face!  I'm pretty sure it was John giggling like a little girl while I was throttling down the road ... but he said he didn't!   :lol:  Yes, it's been a long winter. 

Oh yah, I did get a visit from one of the constabulary on the way down her (Oregon?) and he asked me to slow down and then mentioned that he liked my car and gave me back my stuff - we were only speeding a slight amount.  I think he wanted to trade me cars  :idk:
Title: Re: Silver State Classic Challenge...Where's Ted?
Post by: Adrnln on May 16, 2013, 07:23:36 AM
Sounds like your having fun Ted , enjoy the trip getting there can be just as fun as the destination , Greg and I were just talking about our trip to Mojave , almost as thrilling as the race !
Title: Re: Silver State Classic Challenge...Where's Ted?
Post by: RTTTTed on May 16, 2013, 09:23:59 AM
Yes.  Heading down to registration after coffee.  Gonna place the decals on the car and maybe get teched this morning.  Media banquet is at 11:30.  Havn't seen Doug (Willowbrook Chrysler) yet.

It seems almost (but not quite) liveable this time.  Probably cooled down to 100F or so. 

Title: Re: Silver State Classic Challenge...Where's Ted?
Post by: RTTTTed on May 17, 2013, 10:23:35 PM
We registered and applied decals to the car.  Packed  our stuff and went to Media brunch.  Smaller group here this event.  No Japanese, none of the 10 Danish people that usually show up.  Couple Mexicans and us.  About 4 from Canada. 

New rules this year.  Only Touring and Grand Touring can enter the half mile shootout this year.  If they made that retroactive I'd have 2 fastest of the event Halfmile trophies owed to me for the last 2 years, but then I wouldn't have bragging rights that I was faster than EVERY VETTE (as many as 45) in the event since many vettes can't run in the fastest classes and the last two years every car was allowed to race the half mile.   :idk: 

So this year there is a custom SRT Challenger Superbird signed by Ralph Gilles.  Fully caged and running some street racing tires.  He had a water cooled 4.2L Kenny Bell blower on his 426 cubic inch (new mopar race engine).  He made 960bhp on the dyno.  Being a Rookie he is limited to the Halfmile and 110mph class.  Doug Seal and his son are running their Black/red 2009 ACR.  Joe and I are running our Sapphire/silver GTSs with Joe running his stock ACR in the 125mph class.  Being such a nice guy I'm running in the 115mph class so that Joe won't have to compete against me  :eatspopcorn: :driving:

We did the Caravan to Ely with instructions for Rookies from Blue.  John enjoyed the stories and was kinda nervous about the navigation.  He's a driver and was worried about navigating.  Not a problem.  All drivers NEED to try the passenger seat once in a while, even me (one day).

In Ely we got our rooms and started to update the programming on John/Taillight's GoPro.  Turns out I left my laptop in Vegas so I called around and they'll keep it at the Hotel until we get there Sunday.  Mike (Hemi family) and John Brimmer blew up the engine in his new 08 Z06 and brought his modified SRT8 Magnum instead.  Not wanting to have to install a seat belt harness in his "business car" he is entered in the Touring 110 mph class again.  We talked for hours, had dinner in the Hotel's restaurant and tried to catch up with each other's lives.

About 3am we tired of yapping and actually slept.  Up at 7am and driving the GTS to Tech downtown Ely.  Oops, didn't realize that there was another tech sheet in the registration parcel we received at registration yesterday, but I quickly filled it out and we were teched. 

World Record Holder Jim Peruto was back with a highly modified Chevelle (66?) wrapped around a 373ci SBC of about 700bhp.  "It's just to break the record of the LeBaron set back in 2001," he said.  Not going for his new record of 217mph average anymore.  It turns out that he is having a radical 69 Charger being built at this time.  It will have a 5 degree angle in on the rear quarters, 6" removed from the roof and 3" cut from the middle of the body.  I can't wait.

Talked to the SRT8 Challenger Superbird guy for a half hour.  Doug Seal was a little behind us but also teched .  The rain caused Taillights and I to microfiber wipe the car off, wipe the ws for the many tech decals and then the tape over top of them.  The Superbird body kit is from an outfit in Detroit.  Ralph G. signed the car in California at a car show.  The engine makes 960bhp at 16psi boost.  He might be competition for my baby Viper, since my crank hp is only around 820.

Rain cause the Halfmile shootout to be postponed 'till Saturday morning with the Mile shootout being held at noon.  We worked with Mike and used the custom timing sheet his friend had filled out with every mile marker and reconfigured the numbers for our 115mph class.  That info is definitely an advantage as it takes at least a day to mark and measure between the markers.  Our new sheets went from one page of mediocre info to 3 pages of accurate info (we hope).  I wiped the drops and dust off my car and moved it in from of some antique and rotten shack and wagons and shot some pics in the sprinkle.  Often the extreme humidity makes pictures sparkling clear so Mike moved his Magnum around, wiped down one side and I shot him a few times.

Doug Seal's ZR1 buddy didn't seem to like my friendly "I'm gonna kick YOUR vette ass as well as the other 40 vettes here.  It's why I like this event, they line up more vettes into just one event so I can spank a couple years worth in one day!   :lol:

4:30pm we headed to the high school and lined up for the Parade through Ely.  In the parking lot the "Old Farts" (vette) team was asked to line up at the front of the parade and lead.  The Vegas Vette club i primarily responsible for the success of this event.  Their members and friends make up most of the 40 helpers and 180 course workers.  The vette club handles tech at the starting line and pre event tech.  Invaders (Imports) were next and everyone after that.  There was 3 Vipers, a Magnum and the Super-Challenger-Bird as the only Mopars at the parade so we lined up in a group.  Many pics were taken of the SBChallenger and our Vipers.  We were told to make noise, and while the SSCC Secretary was yelling at me to honk the horn ... I was.  She obviously couldn't hear it so I gave the engine a good rev and think that there were many many happy broken eardrums.  Gail didn't ask for us to honk the horn anymore so I guess I got that handled?

At the Welcome banquet we ate a great snackers meal and went through several tables meeting old friends.  Mark Capener also admitted to owning the Red Lambo ... the Red TT Gallardo 1500whp one.  When questioned he admitted to still owning the Orange 1500whp Supperleggara and the 1000whp TT SRT Viper.  The San Diego police officer was there with a newer 392 SRT Challenger again and I invited him to sit at our table.  It was pointed out that we had 5 Mopars in the event and they all sat at our table, then 6 Mopars!  I was elected ... ordered ... to be team leader and the sign up sheet was thrown at me with a couple signatures so I went on a hunt and found another Mopar.  I got the 67 Charger signed up as well!  I looked around and saw that all the officials were gone and although they would be at the morning car show - I was in the halfmile shootout with all my buds.  I decided that being on short notice we were the Mopar Maniacs team and one of the other Team leaders offered to turn in my membership list for me.  I was now on a Mopar Team.  Go Team!

First Ely trip for Taillights so I stopped behind the never seen Red Gen 4 SRT8 coupe in front of the Nevada Hotel and we went inside.  Viewing the SSCC pics in the restaurant I got excited when I saw the front of my Sapphire GTS in one of the pics, but after closer inspection the wheels was a little different.   :-\  We viewed the various pics of John Schnieder and his posters since he was always entered at this event driving ... you guessed it, the 01 General Lee.

Finally off to the Hotel.  At check-in we were gifted with 2 Margaritas and a $3 voucher for the slots Megabucks.  Taillights got rid of the Margaritas for us and I failed miserably at losing the $3 in the slot machine.  I finally got the $3 voucher down to $7 (from winning $11) and gave it to Taillights.  I took $20 and slid that that into the "Hangover" slot machine and won another $10 for a $30 voucher.  I gave up and went back to our room.

Free coffee while winning at the slot machines!

Time for bed so we can be at the Boys Scouts breakfast in the park at 8am.  John Brimmer bought us all Boyscouts breakfast ($25) so I bought a $5 breakfast ticket and gave it to the cop.   It's all about supporting the people around us and making a good Mopar impression in the world. 

Sorry for all the typing and no pics, but my laptop is in Vegas!

Title: Re: Silver State Classic Challenge...Where's Ted?
Post by: RTTTTed on May 18, 2013, 11:29:49 PM
Ran the halfmile shootout today.  There was a 1500whp Lambo Gallardo, a race Shelby 500GT, a Challenger SRT "Superbird" with 960bhp, a Doug's 09 ACR, 2 ZR1s, 2 Z06s, Modified Magnum SRT8, 2 more Shelby's, and probably another dozen cars.  I had a couple Halfmile runs that went well.  Looked like 155mph on the speedo ... but not sure if that's gonna land me on the podium this year.  We'll find out tomorrow night.

We did the Driver's meeting and John attended the Navigator's meeting while I went over the bottom of the car.  My Go Pro crapped out but we're hoping for good results from John's new Go Pro. 

Travelling around the town we found out that Hooker's Choice Awards went to the Challenger SRT Superbird and a Sapphire/Silver Viper (not mine).  :2thumbsup: The navigator won (?) two pairs of panties ...  I asked if he'd put them on and pose beside the winning Viper, but he declined.  :-\ Unfortunately, we weren't there as I was typing on this Hotel computer to you guys.  We only heard about the Hooker's Choice Award last night, but nothing else about it (like where it was and what the time was).  Last year's winner was a Vette.  Mopar rules! 
Title: Re: Silver State Classic Challenge...Where's Ted?
Post by: RTTTTed on May 19, 2013, 04:54:38 PM
Popular opinion is that I won the halfmile shootout, but I doubt it.  A 1500whp Lambo CAN run like a bag of shit and still beat my "little" 720whp Viper GTS. 

It doesn't sound as good as my mega loud Viper. but that Lambo does rock once he gets the gear caught.  It starts making a little power and then 'hits' which is when you could easily hear the hp double.  Driven by a 17 year old I believe.  The Orange Lambo from last year is the same car ... and it set the fastest standing mile at Mojave Mile to 332mph!  Mark Capener brought his ZR1 for himself in the 150mph class and the 1500awhp UGR Lambo for his youngest son.

Joe Christopherson felt his run was great and Mike Fine also thought he made a good run.  Our run had some learning experiences for John Vittone but halfway through the course he got it all figured out and he feels that we were less than a second off of Acing (perfecgt time) it.  We did Ace at least 5 of the markers.   There was a lot of breakdowns this event with a Porsche parking during the first mile.  67 440 Charger parked roadside somewhere around 6 - 10 miles along.  While lining up along the roadside before the starting line the word came down that it was snowing a Whiteout in Ely and our start times were pushed from 1 minute apart to 30 seconds in order to try to get on hwy before the blizzard caught up to us.  When I pulled out for my turn at the start the whie line could be seen about 10 miles away.  We had a few sprinkles and that was all before running in the sunshine.

Everyone of us made it and had a great time.  Doug Seal and his son enjoyed themselves while Doug's ZR1 buddy left early from the finish line to start home to Vancouver.  Far as we know the entire 7 cars entered as Team "Mopar Maniacs" finished in all their classes.  '08 SRT10 Venom Red/silver coupe from LA missed joining the club, but he said that his time was really bad so we should be happy we didn't have him.   :lol:  He was joking I suppose?

My GPS was in acccurate as it showed 117 while my speedo showed 115mph.  The GPS recorded the highest speed at 139mph - which is 1 mph slower than the tech speed which was 140mph.  141mph would get me an automatic disqualification.

We're going to check the Go Pro and Camera pics now, then head off to the Awards Banquet and see how we did this event.  Wish us luck!
Title: Re: Silver State Classic Challenge...Where's Ted?
Post by: RTTTTed on May 19, 2013, 11:24:31 PM
 :driving:   :2thumbsup:

We won HALFMILE SHOOTOUT beating out the 904bhp Challenger SRT Superbird.  Zr1 did manage a third place.

We then won our Class (115mph). 

Willowbrook Chrysler's Doug Seal and his son Brent won the 110mph class and did an amazing accurate job beating his Kia Dealership friend, Darren Graham's, ZR1 by a huge differential (he came in 19th).

Doug ran his 2009 SRT10 ACR three runs with each run progressively better and better looking.  We are awaiting his speeds to post them.
Title: Re: Silver State Classic Challenge...Where's Ted?
Post by: Steve 00RT/10 on May 20, 2013, 06:23:53 AM
Way to Go Ted!  :driving:
Title: Re: Silver State Classic Challenge...Where's Ted?
Post by: RTTTTed on May 22, 2013, 02:35:22 AM
Thanks.  ... and through extreme rainstorms throughout the Pacific Northwest and miles of heavy snowfall I made it home safely!   :bow: