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Title: Resizing your pictures
Post by: RTTTTed on June 29, 2013, 01:29:39 PM
The first set of boards has a FAQ thread that explains how to post pics.

If you don't have windows 7 or better and havn't loaded Windows Essentials ...  you need a computer program to resize your pics.  Canon cameras comne with a $300 program (digital photo professional) that will allow you to resize you pics.

To resize you pics ... If you have windows 7 or better - right click the Window Live Photo Gallery - top right corner there is a option "edit, organize or share", left click that.  This takes you back to the listing/gallery page and the pic you want will be highlighted, R double click on it and it will open in the editing program.  Next, make certain that the "edit" option at the top left of the page is selected.  On the right side there are "exposure, color detail and straighten options" - (if not you click on the "fine tuning" at the top for those controls).  Click "properties" along the top of the pic, the "resize" from the drop down menu.  I normally use the 1024 or 1280p sizes.  When given the option "resize and save" clicking will create a new smaller pic and save the original side by side in your gallery file. 

Once properly sized use the instructions on the VG site to post the pictures.  This method works on all forums, emails, etc.

Your picture is now down to about 4-800kb