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Title: Classic Muscle car parts and engines
Post by: RTTTTed on July 24, 2011, 07:19:54 PM
 :D  I have several garages full of parts engines and several old dodges out in my yard.

2 440s (68 - Magnum 450hp and stocker 70 4 bbl), three 318s, new, rebuilt 360, 71 Dart swinger project with 70 Scamp, 73 and 75 Dart Sports 340 and 360HP cars, couple of Dana 44s with 3.23 and 3.55 posi, sb headers,  misc parts and pieces.

I'D BE WILLING TO SELL MY OLD DODGE CARS, ENGINES, PARTS, ETC FOR $30,000 INCLUDING MY 440 DUSTER (valued at $32,000) and my 71 Demon.

customized 84 Turbo Daytona.  200+hp and 34mpg at 90mph.  About 15,000 miles on new 2.2 Turbo engine. T2 engine and a few transmissions, 18psi 3rd injector pieces, 85 Turbo Shelby Charger 83 2.2 auto Charger,  with 70,000mi. 89 Electronics and harness complete, and would be happy to sell3 cars and all this stuff for $6,500.