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Title: Vehicle export from US to CDA
Post by: RTTTTed on October 31, 2011, 03:36:52 PM
After a couple calls I finally got the forms emailed to me for the US export.  

They require worksheet,
 Bill of Sale
Clear Title (exceptions are listed on the website)
ID of person exporting car.
- faxed to the crossing you'll be using at least 3 business days before showing up at that border crossing.  I suggest you call/email/fax to check on the forms being recieved as 50% of the time I've done it, the forms were NOT THERE when I got there.  That requires another 3-6 days waiting before being allowed across the border (happened to me 3 times now).  There is NO charge at the US export.

The car CANNOT be taken into Canada until all the paperwork is done.  If you mess up the car will need to stay in the US until you get the paperwork.  $5,000 or more fine.  Although small border crossing may be flexible ... busier border crossings usually "stick to the letter" and have no tolerance.

Canada requires all the US paperwork (stamped) and a "recall letter" from ( printed off with the serial number of the car.  The manufacturers Statement of Certification/Conformitiy/Compliance to US laws MUST still be affixsed to the edge of the door still. (

Air cond. costs an extra $100 tax
Tires cost $5 each ("pre-entry disposal fee".  Because they don't take away your used tires)
$269 - 345 for inspection form
Fed inspec, plus Provincial Inspection
Daytime Running Lights (see DIR thread in this section on how to do that.) do not come on very many US vehicles.

The kph, baby seat anchor is already included in your US car and good enough to pass the Federal inspection.

At this time only the '96 RT10 is the only Viper NOT allowed to be imported into Cda.  Next year it will be allowed under the 15 year exemption laws. (
I wrote several stories on my cross border import experiences.  "Ultimate Musclecar", "When One Isn't Enough" and "My Piece of Heaven"  on (  

Title: Re: Vehicle export from US to CDA
Post by: RTTTTed on October 31, 2011, 03:38:10 PM
PM me your email address and I can forward the worksheet to you and save you several days ...

Title: Re: Vehicle export from US to CDA
Post by: plumcrazy on October 31, 2011, 06:20:47 PM
ted, did you just reply to yourself ?....LOL
Title: Re: Vehicle export from US to CDA
Post by: RTTTTed on October 31, 2011, 07:41:51 PM
 :lol:  NO!  I was just adding that I would be willing to email the forms to the people that don't want to spend 2 days to get them from the border.   :lol:

I sent instructions to a Ont(?) guy just last week.  If you're a Canadian and wanting a modified Viper I'm about the only guy selling any Vipers that have more than minor modifications ...   So many go to the US where there are a lot more for sale (like me).  The price is also a lot cheaper (for everything) in the US.  By the time we pay taxes etc.  our "deal" gets a lot more expensive and that's why Cdn cars are worth more money.  Plus it can be a huge PIA to export/import a car. 

Mabye I should have added that HST is between $12-15% when you cross the border.
Title: Re: Vehicle export from US to CDA
Post by: plumcrazy on November 01, 2011, 02:45:44 AM
this is a good thread, lots of guys asking this question all the time.
Title: Re: Vehicle export from US to CDA
Post by: RTTTTed on November 01, 2011, 10:53:04 AM
I thought so.
Title: Re: Vehicle export from US to CDA
Post by: RTTTTed on December 02, 2011, 11:30:55 PM
The US vehicle export dept. requires the paperwork for 3 business days before you're allowed to take the vehicle across the border.  After spending 6 days waiting for them to approve the paperwork last time I imported a car from the US I called the Border crossing first thing Monday morning.  They said, "Is that for a Black Dodge?"  "Yes," I said, " A Viper."  That's been done for a couple hours he said!  Wow finished in less than 1 business day.  He said I could cross the border as soon as I got there.  I was in Laughlin though.  Wondering which direction I should travel home.  Morning news said snow in Nothern California.  Looked like north through Reno was the choice of the moment. 

I gave them paperwork and they checked the door sticker and serial numbers and handed me my stamped export papers.  Cda Customs took about $3200 and told me to pay RIV online and I left there.

1 interesting note is that Texas does not accept our of country insurance.  Their insurance companies (Geico, Allstate, Farmersm etc.) said they are NOT ALLOWED to sell non-residents any insurance.  They also don't accept insurance from NY, NJ and several other states.  Believe it or not you have to buy nsurnace from a different state that they approve of - or their choice of "acceptable insurance" and laws against anyone selling you insurance means that you won't be allowed to buy a temporary plate.   I was forced by Texas law to drive (technically) without insurance and plates across the states!!!  You guys need smart law makers, not the idiots you have! 

I'm still waiting for RIV.CA to mail me my forms for Federal inspection.  True to form, they're trying to stall and collect another $150 for not having then DRL and baby seat anchor bolt inspection done within 6 weeks of bringing the car across.  Thes guys are about as smart as Texas lawmakers?
Title: Re: Vehicle export from US to CDA
Post by: RTTTTed on December 14, 2011, 03:24:17 PM
Yesterday I emailed and told them that they'd better extend my 6 weeks time allotment as it was Xmas and they hadn't bothered to send my forms.

They replied today that they never received a clear copy/email/fax of my Form 1 (I received from Cda Customs when I crossed the border).   :idk:

I scanned it, sent it, and replied that I was not going to accept this excuse and last time they refused to admit to getting it and after 6 times I finally called my Member of Parliment who got them to send me my form in a couple hours.  I pointed out that emails and faxes have receipts and records!

WOW :o  Within an hour I had an email with a link to my inspection form to be printed from the net!  That's action!  Anyone see any corruption there?  The private corp that the Fed gov hired is based out of Quebec. 

They also replied to my emails from yesterday (we accept no excuses) and I have about 6 replies today.  RIV.CA sevice is so terrible that there is a RIV office at one of the West Coast border crossings.  Last car the woman working there said that the office was because Que was screwing up so badly on internet and faxing,...

Best allie is to threaten them with your MP.  If that doesn't work then I suggest phoning your MP's office and dealing with them right away. 

If you import a car from the US be prepared for a lot of delays and absolute BS problems from both Gov agencies.  It is a pain.  Check the webistes because they change the paperwork constantly.  I admit that last year and this year the paperwork requirements were identical and the US export treated me well, other than hanging up on me twice.
Title: Re: Vehicle export from US to CDA
Post by: RTTTTed on December 14, 2011, 03:30:51 PM
Another ISSUE that people should be aware of;

Chrysler Cda will cancel your warranty if you buy any car in the US.  Although the last time I checked the Challenger SRT8 was only $42,000 in the US that particular car was $70,000 here in Canada.  After offering to trade in my 440 Duster towards a Challenger and still being asked for $55,000 more ... I lost interest.  After the treatment I received from the VCA heads I decided to no longer buy a new Dodge. 

BMW and Porsche also cancel warranties if you buy your car in the US is what I was told. 
Title: Re: Vehicle export from US to CDA
Post by: RTTTTed on December 22, 2011, 10:11:31 PM
Car was inspected for Provincial and Federal certifications.  An entire day, $150 in gas, $220 paid to ( online and both inspections passed easily.  >:( Little bit of car trouble but after that the car was great.  I used the diagram in the How to "Daytime Running Lights" and inserted the jumper wire between the relays and went to inspection.  Now once I pay anotber few thousand dollars prov. tax and registration fees the car will be registered here and insurable.  Started buying Car in beginning of Oct and now, in December the export/import stuff is finally done. :hayes:
Title: Re: Vehicle export from US to CDA
Post by: RTTTTed on January 06, 2012, 08:01:38 PM
And after all that a few weeks went by and my "coveted" RIV.Ca "meets Cda manufacturers specifications decal was in the mail.  Last car there was no such thing, just a stupid french label

( (

Title: Re: Vehicle export from US to CDA
Post by: RTTTTed on June 05, 2018, 12:14:29 AM
New laws and rules.  As of previous to 2018 an electronic file is required and they require you to hire a US Broker to electronically file your paperwork.  Cost me $150 from Bosche Brokers at the Sumas border crossing. You can phone or email him online for his service.