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Welcome to the updated Viper Garage.  We look forward to exchanging stories, events, tech info, pictures and fun.  Welcome to our humble Viper Home
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Best I could get with my TT GTS set at about 950whp and smoking R888s through 3rd was 10.4@ 149mph. This year the machine shop I paid to cut me an input shaft to bolt a Lenco and Gear Vendor to my dual disc clutch Never got it done and I asked (and received) my money back.  So this becomes the second winter project.

Joel Fortin got his 98 TT GTS running and with problems he ran 8.7@168mph. 
Acceleration Tests, Drags, Half and Mile tests / Re: World's Fastest Viper 6.7@211mph
« Last post by RTTTTed on October 29, 2017, 09:56:19 PM »
Sal Patel has a Black 99 GTS TT that ran 6.9ET at the drag strip and now holds the world's fastest RWD Halfmile record at 237mph!!!

Sal's is also licensed, has interior and gets street driven. 
LOL, "the Viper Store" sells the spark plug non-foulers for 'only' $49 plus ($20?) shipping    :P
Viper Parts, numbers, bulbs, specs and info / Viper Rear Wheel Hub assembly crossover
« Last post by RTTTTed on October 21, 2017, 10:30:48 AM »
Dealership cost on rear wheel hub assy was $403US last time I checked so I purchased one from ebay.  My broached 33 spine Mark Williams hub had been compromised when I tach welded the long wheel studs to the hub.  DON'T do it.  The material doesn't mig weld and the heat dissipation is so intense that it melted the plastic spacer ... 

This Timken listing shows that ALL Vipers!  This wheel hub also fits Dakota front wheels ...  (4x4)

Thanks Leif Larsson for the link
RT/10 & GTS Viper Discussions / Re: Need advice on wheels/slicks for a Gen2 Twin Turbo
« Last post by RTTTTed on October 12, 2017, 03:22:37 PM »
I have some 17" CCW Classics I could sell you.  Wrinkle slicks fit up to 17" wheels.  Lots of size options if you look at Summit, Mickey Thompson, etc

CCWs also make a 16" wheel for the Gen 1/2 Vipers that fit 14.5 x 16 x 28" wrinkles (mine are Hoosiers).  They also make a set of 12 x 16 x 26" wrinkle slicks for these wheels, but not much else for 16"

I have 15" wheels and tires on my '99 TT GTS.  I also have a GForce race trans, steel carrier caps, Mcleod clutch, chrome moly dsahaft, $11,000 MW halfshafts, 33 spline MW spool and Billet yokes. 

15" requires a smaller 12.2 rear brake pieces from Wilwood brakes.  I do norecommend this as the kit I got was incomplete and cost me $350 extra for parts stated as included but not in box and changing from junk rotors to premium hi carbon rotors and Ceramic (high speed) pads.  I re designed the "kit" I bought and all the parts are listed in the How To section on this website

What whp are you running? what transmission?  gear set? 
RT/10 & GTS Viper Discussions / Need advice on wheels/slicks for a Gen2 Twin Turbo
« Last post by LenZ on September 17, 2017, 06:05:05 PM »
I have a Gen 2 Twin Turbo (currently 600whp) and I need recommendations for smaller rear wheels and recommended tire sizes for slicks. I made my first trip to the track this weekend and as expected traction was my worst enemy. That and my horrible timing with a clutch leaving the light. I know I've seen pictures of what appeared to be 15 or 16inch wheels on Gen 2's running slicks. Any thoughts or opinions would be great! Thanks!!
RT/10 & GTS Viper Discussions / Re: Tom's 40mm brakes are back!
« Last post by 40mm on July 17, 2017, 07:47:28 AM »
Thanks RTTTTed.
They are a great addition to any non-ABS Viper.
Tom did a lot of work... I'm just riding his coattails on this ride.

Well folks.... they're all gone for 2017!
Apparently there was a bit of a pent up demand for them.

No worries though, they will be back for 2018!

Once I get all the cores back I'll do another run of at least 10 sets this winter.

If anyone wants to get their name onto a waiting list, just email me at ricks40mm(at) or text me at the number above.

Thanks to everyone who purchased a set!
Cheers to all.
How-to section / Re: Headlight resoration with bug repellent
« Last post by RTTTTed on July 13, 2017, 11:57:56 AM »
I did notice that when I checked the next day the headlight lens was filmed over again.  Not as much as before i started but definitely filmed again
How-to section / Roe Racing 2.4L blower oil dip stick build
« Last post by RTTTTed on July 12, 2017, 10:52:54 PM »
Many7 peopel have lost their original Roe Racing blower's dipstick.  I took a pic and am posting it so measurements are recorded so you can use a tape or make a stick to measure the amount of oil in the front bearing gear case.

From top of blower case to Full oil level is 3.1" and "Add level is 3.3" from top of case.  The plug to check is at the top front of the blower case on the right side.
How-to section / Gen 2 Traction Control, ABS, Tone ring info
« Last post by RTTTTed on July 11, 2017, 09:16:28 PM »
I have a Twin Turbo '99 GTS and a 2001 ABS supercharged GTS. 

I bought a Motec M800 for the TT to add Traction Control because smoking thye heck our of slicks at 140mph while not even using full power doesn't feel safe. My TT has $11,000 Mark Williams rear haflshafts and I needed to add a Tone ring to the axle as well as install a Hall effect sensor to the rear spindle.  I purchased a front ABS spindle because it comes with the axle tone ring and hall effect sensor already mounted.  Since I'd purchased a Wilwood brake kit for running 15" wheels and slicks I spent nearly a day grinding the circle of the adapter bracket Tone ring to fit through the spindle while attached on the axle.  I had to cut the spindle side of the bracket to allow clearance for the Hall Effect sensor bracket I purchased from John Reed and Jason Oefelein of Portland Speed Industries for my Motec Traction Control.  I purchased the Gen 3 Tone ring from Unitrax and was gifted a pair of busted axles from Clint Shearer.  Got the Gen 3 tone ring and compared that to my Gen 2 ABS rear axle Tone rings.  They were not even close!  Aftermarket axles (DSS and Mark Williams) require the larger Gen 3 tone rings.  Although the Gen 3 are significantly larger, they have the same 45 "tones" on both so are interchangeable  -with mods such as different depths of Hall Effect sensors (which requires a custom bracket or one from John/Jason at 

The ABS rear axles of my 2001 came with tone rings on the factory axles.  My 800hp Unitrax 800hp alxes and later my 1000hp Titanium Unitrax axles came with the tone rings.  My DSS 1200hp axles required Gen 3 tone rings and none were included on the axles.  The Gen 2 tone rings are too small.  Changing to the larger tone rings also means that the factory sensor spacing is wrong and needs to be changed to the custom PSI bracket or modified to move farther from the center.
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