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Viper Parts, numbers, bulbs, specs and info / Re: GTS power steering pump
« Last post by RTTTTed on March 15, 2018, 02:41:49 PM »
This pump comes in many domestic Chryslers, Caddilacs, GMs, etc.  Some have different Resevoirs and some use a different pressure valve.  Most pumps come bare pumps

BBB/VISION-OE7330111 (#6240, 6243) remanufactured, with no reservoir. 
How-to section / Removing transmission Pilot Bearing from carnkshaft
« Last post by RTTTTed on March 10, 2018, 11:10:36 AM »
Normal way to remove bushings and bearings is using grease.  I tried that on my Roe during a clutch change and it didn't work.  This would work better because bread's viscosity is less LOL
How-to section / Re: Trap Door Oil Pan Mod & Windage Tray Upgrade
« Last post by RTTTTed on March 05, 2018, 12:45:33 PM »
Part number for TM/Tri Metal std rod bearings is CB481p. 
How-to section / Re: Trap Door Oil Pan Mod & Windage Tray Upgrade
« Last post by RTTTTed on March 05, 2018, 10:01:48 AM »
I dropped the pan on a 97 GTS to check rod bearings and install a trap door oil pan from Roe Racing before porting the heads and installing a Roe Racing 710 camshaft, rockers, springs etc.  ALL rod bearings were damaged but the main bearings were good.  I changed the rod bearings, trimmed the windage tray and installed the trap door pan kit.  Tuning was an issue and this car went to Dan Cragin's shop since local Portland shops couldn't get the SCT tune correct but Dan did.  He also requires checking the rod bearings to work on car and he found that the new bearings were prefect.  He went over the car found a computer feedback problem and sent me an email that I'd done a good job.  That car is awesome now and 550whp/570wtq and a great driver even with the big camshaft. 
     I recently bought a 1998 Hennessey GTS with SVS TT system (875whp/987wtq) and only 900mi on a new build (rods, pistons, cam, jesels, GG heads etc).  When I drove the car it took several minutes for the oil pressure to com up over 20psi!  After a couple miles the oil pressure came to 47psi.  Weird but it seemed ok once it warmed up.  I drove the car 3.600mi to washington at end of January where I loaded it into my trailer and finished the trip to the "Great White North" protected from the ice and snow.  Low oil pressure on start up in the cold again.  Once inside the shop I put the car on blocks and dropped the oil pan.  Rod bearings were all junk.  I dropped 5 and replaced 3 but I did have to polish 2 crank journals.  I trimmed the windage tray to cream puff engine style with tin snips.  The rod bearings were standard so it hadn't had a bearings failure and I had no idea what caused all the rod bearings to fail.  Perhaps the 15/50 racing oil???  The oil filter I removed was a proper Viper filter from Mopar.  I worried and then called Kevin at Exotic Engines and ordered an external oil pump and wet sump system. 
How-to section / Re: SRT Style Diffuser blades made for a Gen 2
« Last post by RTTTTed on March 03, 2018, 11:04:57 AM »
For the new Viper I bought a new set of 6 powder coated Diffuser Blades from KngSnk (John Rodriguez-Hardy). Diffuser blades come on all modern supercars and many newer junkers as well. The diffusers lower drag and add a little down force by straightening the "Caotic Airflow" coming from under the car.  Straight air flows faster than jumbled air.

On my Sapphire GTS I drilled and tapped 1/8" aluminium straps. I drilled an extra front hole in the middle and moved the inside blades to the edge of the frame. The 1998 GTS is different so I installed the blades the way most are located using 3 of the bumper attachment bolts behind the rear wheelwells and I drilled and installed RivNuts into support straps that go inside the rear bumper and hold the rear of the blades steady. Here is a picture of the blades attached at the front and the inner support strap holding the rear of the blades. Just need to drill the 3 holes through the bumper and move the support strap inside the bumper. Tighten all bolts and installation will be complete.
How-to section / Re: Tire and Wheel Weights and Fitment for Vipers
« Last post by RTTTTed on January 20, 2018, 01:02:30 AM »
Recently I bought a 98 Hennessey Venom Viper.  It came with 20" wheels and tires.  The fronts measure 25" tall and the rears measure 26" tall.
I currently have 3 ongoing Vipers.  2001 Roe supercharged GTS.  ported heads and a 720whp build using dual 70mm Accufab racing TBs.  2. 1999 TT Viper GTS with 1500whp stock Gen 2 modified intake and dual 70mm Accufab TBs.  3.  1998 TT 1000whp built engine using stock Gen 2 intake and dual 70mm Accufab racing TBs.  According to various ratings my airflow rating should be about 1400cfm.  Thinking of upgrading the 1000whp TT with sheet metal intake and Oval blade Accufab TB (1696dfm).  Would like the 1800 cfm oval TB for the big power TT Viper though.

I copied this info from Accufab website to help people (and me) choose Throttle bodies for their builds; 

CFM Air Flow

What is CFM? The air flowing through a product is measured in Cubic Feet per Minute, CFM.  It's important to flow test a performance throttle body and find the CFM rating.  A 75mm Brand A throttle body, may not equal the performance of a 75mm Accufab throttle body.

This airflow analysis is important because, basically, an engine is an air pump.  Based on the size of the engine and how fast it will be spinning, it will pump out a certain amount of air. Of course, there are many variables to CFM requirements, such as cylinder head flow capabilities, intake and exhaust manifold flow capabilities, etc... but the basic engine block will pump a certain amount of air over a specified period of time, measured in CFM.  An Accufab throttle body is designed to outflow the stock throttle body, hence, providing more air to the engine for it to utilize accordingly.


All CFM ratings shown @ 28”:
Buick GN, 1986-1987
65mm – 649 cfm
70mm – 711 cfm
Dodge Viper
RT-10, Gen 1, 1992-1996 – 65mm – 611 cfm each
GTS Gen 2, 1996-2002 – 70mm - 697 cfm each
Chevy LS-1, 1998-1999 and up (with mechanical linkage)
Stock – 798cfm
75mm – 920cfm
90mm – 1369cfm
Ford Mustang 5.0L, 1986-1993
Stock – 495cfm
65mm – 664cfm
70mm – 787cfm
70mm (Race) – 896cfm
75mm – 924cfm
75mm (Race) – 1045cfm
80mm – 1142cfm
85mm – 1322cfm
90mm – 1369cfm
105mm – 1550cfm

Ford Mustang 4.6L, 1996-2004
70mm – 628cfm
75mm – 632cfm
Stock throttle body and plenum – 498cfm
70mm and Accufab plenum – 680cfm
75mm and Accufab plenum – 686cfm
Ford Mustang 5.0L, 2011-2012
84.5mm – 1183cfm
Ford Mustang Cobra, 1996-1998
and Mustang Bullitt, 2001
Stock – 1089cfm
Elliptical Mono Blade – 1284cfm
Oval Mono Blade – 1696cfm
Ford Mustang Cobra, 1999-2001
and Mustang Mach 1, 2003-2004
Dual 60mm – 1147cfm
Ford Mustang Cobra, 2003-2004
and Ford Lightning Pick-up, 1999-2004
Oval Mono Blade – 1696cfm
Ford GT, 2005-2006
Stock – 1590cfm
Dual 75mm – 1807cfm
Oval Mono Blade – 2090cfm
Accufab 4-Barrel Throttle Body
4150 style - 1215cfm
4500 style – 2128cfm
8500 style – 3600cfm
Mountain Motor “split Dominator style”
Dual 2.75-inches – 1849cfm (per unit)
RSI / RSI Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale 2017 |
« Last post by Will at RSI on November 25, 2017, 09:57:07 AM »


Happy Holidays from the RSI team!

What a great year this has been! We are excited to kick off the holiday season with another giant Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale!

With the success of last year's sale , we would like to continue to make sure everyone is aware of a few policies and procedures. When you make your purchases online, although your card will be authorized, you will not be charged immediately. As orders are processed, we will contact you directly about any product that will not ship within 7 days. At that time you can choose to wait or we will void the authorization. Please expect products that require custom finish, assembly, or changes, will take longer than a week. We will be in contact with you to confirm the ETA and finalize your order.

As always, we offer a price match guarantee on any product in our sale or any COMPETITORS SALE. Even if you order early from us and see their price later, you can still contact us for a refund of the difference.

RSI Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale items are available only for orders received from 11:30AM, November 24, 2017 until to 12:00PM, November 28, 2017 Central Time.
If you have a question and we are not available via phone or chat,
please send an email to
Only orders with pending questions can be processed after conclusion of the sale.
Free Shipping does not apply to international orders.
We do have special international shipping rates for this sale.

We will be offering ALL products at SUPER LOW Prices!
If you are looking for an item that is not included in our sale, please simply ask. We are more than happy to create a special deal just for you.

Although we do stock a tremendous amount of product, some items may not be in stock in our Texas warehouse or they may be sold out when your order is placed. In the event that an item is not in stock, we will drop ship the item from the manufacturer as quickly as possible. In the event there will be an extended delay on an item, again we will contact you to discuss options!

Make sure to check back every day as we will be adding new products during the sale!

Also call us about Year End installation specials including Gen 5 Twin Turbo Systems!

Happy Holidays from all of us at RSI!

Best I could get with my TT GTS set at about 950whp and smoking R888s through 3rd was 10.4@ 149mph. This year the machine shop I paid to cut me an input shaft to bolt a Lenco and Gear Vendor to my dual disc clutch Never got it done and I asked (and received) my money back.  So this becomes the second winter project.

Joel Fortin got his 98 TT GTS running and with problems he ran 8.7@168mph. 
Acceleration Tests, Drags, Half and Mile tests / Re: World's Fastest Viper 6.7@211mph
« Last post by RTTTTed on October 29, 2017, 09:56:19 PM »
Sal Patel has a Black 99 GTS TT that ran 6.9ET at the drag strip and now holds the world's fastest RWD Halfmile record at 237mph!!!

Sal's is also licensed, has interior and gets street driven. 
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