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Title: Splinter group email
Post by: CMFY on November 05, 2013, 10:56:58 AM

Change is coming ! Old boys are back, to take the controls.

Free elections, International rewarded VM, full cash from VPA, great raffle LOL

Is this a bad dream ?

Title: Re: Splinter group email
Post by: Viper Girl on November 05, 2013, 12:14:48 PM
I can't even believe how many comments I am getting over this. I liked this one best...

"did you get the ridiculous renewal e-mail from the VCA? I've never seen anything like that except from teenage girls."

Title: Re: Splinter group email
Post by: RTTTTed on November 05, 2013, 10:41:58 PM
 :lol:  Some really good comedy in that PDF.  Guess they consulted/corrupted someone that suggested PDF so that most of us can't copy and paste it.   :lol:

I like the part about how the directors suspended Lee Stubberfield - "the current rightful President"   :lol:

That the VOA is a splinter group is also quite funny. 

The Bullshit artists blaming the Bull Shit on everybody else and trying to make them out to be the Bad Buys.  Chris, why not blame them for all the money that isn't there?  I though the 4 missing Viper Magazines being blamed on the splinter group's delaying of the (illegal) raffle.  That was good for a laugh.  Guess the other 3 are never going to be published?

I laughed so hard that I couldn't read the other 8 pages of crap because of the bad smell

Anyone laugh hard at other  :lol:"flights of fantasy" post up ...
Title: Re: Splinter group email
Post by: ViperDaleE on April 25, 2014, 10:27:55 PM
I would guess most of you know about the upcoming VCA organized event that will happen at COTA. They are calling it VOI 13 but well, not really. I have never missed a VOI...... until now. A good point to make might be that this is a race event and SRT will be there so the VCA decided to hold their VOI to look like they have the support of Chrysler/SRT. They are trying to make it like SRT is joining them at this event even though it is the opposite. SRT will be there but I doubt it will be like it was been before the VCA tried to get Ralph Giles fired. I do not forget. I will never forget the crap we all had to go thru to get away from the VCA. I will NOT support them. I will not attend this event at COTA. I am in the VOA and I know all that was done to make a new club FOR THE MEMBERS, us, you and me the Viper owners. The VCA turned on us and lined their pockets. I will not forget. I could say a lot about the poor relationship between the VCA and SRT but we are supposed to be nice on here. Trust me on this, SRT supports the VOA. I have been here from the begining of the Viper club to the current state of affairs. Please join me and the VOA at the event in Detroit, July 18-20, 2014. Look at the VOA we page for details. One more point to show how they are trying to get the uninformed Viper owners to go to the COTA event. I do not see any VCA logo's and not a lot is said about it being sponsored by the VCA in the emails. They want us to think it is "the Viper club" alluding to the VOA. It might just be me but it seems a bit deceptive. I do not want to be rude to Freddy and some others in the VCA but the pain from the VCA runs too deep and we need one Viper club. The VOA. I hope to see you all at the homecomming in Detroit in July. Have a good weekend everyone. Dale Naffziger.
Title: Re: Splinter group email
Post by: RTTTTed on April 25, 2014, 10:35:57 PM
Sounds like the emails sent out to most people "alluding" that the VCA actually helped SRT with a big road race last year.  VCA didn't help and wasn't acknowledged by the SRT at the race itself. 

Guess the spamming will create even more anger and cause other members to quit as well. 

Title: Re: Splinter group email
Post by: ViperJeff on April 26, 2014, 06:27:51 PM
Don't care either way....  Neither one has anything to offer enthusiasts