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Title: Brake warning light stays on dash no brake lights on the damn car.
Post by: Wolfman on November 12, 2020, 03:41:57 PM
Paging Ted Hlokoff...HELP! No Brake lights on my 94 RT10. Fuse Good. Bulbs good.  Dash is lit for BRAKES when running. My manual says check the emergency brake switch so I am trying to remove the stock shift knob. so how do you do that with out breaking the knob. After unscrewing the plastic below the knob, there appear to be two tiny Allen pins on the base. I tried loosening them but it feels like I'm going to break the key or strip the allen pin. The next place I would look would be the switch above the brake pedal, and that looks I I can't see how it is removed. Pedal pressure is very stiff, and doesn't change or feel different when running. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.